MEMS OIS Unleashes the Power of Mobile Camera

Tuesday, September 17
10:15am to 10:40am

Abstract :

Open your photo gallery, you probably see number of photo and video increase dramatically. Late 90s’ mobile phone camera is 300k pixels VGA quality. Now smartphone can capture 64M pixels in latest smartphones. Image sensor in mobile phones have been improving tremendously. People are spending so much time to capture every prime moment in life. Image Stabilization is a crucial part for a camera especially under low light condition. Optical Image Stabilization (O.I.S.) is almost a must-have feature in all professional cameras. In 2012, Lumia 920 used VCM (Voice Coil Motor) to start realizing O.I.S. feature in smartphone. Until now, most of the high end smartphone are still using VCM to move lens barrel to do shake suppression. But it is not good enough as mobile phone camera is advancing.

MEMS Drive is the first company to use MEMS technology to move image sensor inside a compact camera module, instead of moving heavy and bulky lens barrel. Image sensor is just like lying on a trampoline to move against the unwanted motion from camera shake during exposure. Electrostatic comb drives provide relatively low driving force when image sensor is involved. MEMS Drive innovates a highly efficient MEMS actuator structure to move a high payload stacked type mobile phone image sensor as large as 1/2.3” back to 2016. Moving imager to perform O.I.S. has one big challenge is how the signal from image sensor be ‘brought out’ to the external circuitry without signal loss over long actuation. The key feature being used in our actuator is called Electrical Conductive Flexure (ECF). This special design allows imager signal seamlessly transfers in and out even imager is continuously moving to compensate handshake or keep moving for other imaging purposes. The life time of this imager movement platform is longest ever in senor movement technology. This low power and long lifetime characteristics make this actuator highly favorable to be used in applications, such as super resolution which requires frequently moving image sensor while the camera is on. Nowadays, computational imaging is everywhere. Combining the capability of fast and precise movement of image sensor and AI, we are seeing huge potential to push the system boundary of imaging system further and unleash the power behind increasing processing capability in edge computing.

MEMS Drive is more than providing a state-of-the-art O.I.S. technology. We Shake Up the Future of Imaging

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