2018 系統級封測國際高峰論壇-第一天

中信企業總部三樓雅悅會館馥儷廳 Thursday, September 06
8:00am to 4:50pm

Date: Thursday, September 6th, 2018
Time: 08:00-16:50
Venue:Grand Ballroom, 3F,  Grand Luxe Banquet, CTBC Financial Park
Theme: Wafer Level System Integration for Edge Computing, HPC and AI
Forum Chairman: Dr. Douglas Yu/ 余振華, Vice President, TSMC
Moderator: Dr. K.C. Yee/ 余國寵, Director, TSMC
     Mobile, high-performance computing (HPC), automotive and internet of things  (IoT) have been identified as four main growth engines for semiconductor  industry. While artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G technologies are the key  drivers boosting aforementioned application growths.

     The pace of innovation is accelerating to meet ever-increasing diversification.  Ubiquitous computing emerges from science fiction into a daily life reality in  recent years, in part by handheld mobile computing, and in part by growing  popularity of personal wearable devices, inescapable sensors, and by  upcoming 5G enablement with affordable cost. On the other end of computing  spectrum, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) have become key  drivers in cloud and high performance market. According IDC 2017, the global  data traffic will grow rapidly from 16 ZB in 2016 to 163 ZB in 2026, a 10X  growth in 10 years. System architects are hungry for higher performance  computing and wider data pipelines to meet such explosive demands.

     Foundry wafer level system integration (WLSI) leads the semiconductor  industry into a new era of system scaling beyond Moore's Law with two golden  examples of technology platforms. One is high density integrated fan-out (aka  InFO_PoP) in smartphone and the other is silicon interposer, 3D chip stacking  (aka CoWoS®) in HPC, ML, and AI. Adoptions of high density WLSI  technologies in application-specific systems like intelligent mobiles, smart  networks, 5G AIP (antenna in package), and HPC & AI with a larger Si  interposer size, more HBM cubes, higher TDP advanced SoC, and optical  interconnects become an unstoppable trend.

  In this forum, speakers from leading fabless design, foundry, HBM house, EDA  tools, market analysis, optical interconnect, and process tool supply will share  their insights and vision. Audience would benefit from this forum with the  followings

• Advanced WLSI technologies

• Market opportunity and landscape

• Novel enablement tools, materials, and processes


Early-Bird Regular
NTD 4,800 NTD 6,000

* Tax Included

* Forum agenda is subject to change
Sponsored by:


Mr. Tom Salmon
Vice President, Collaborative Technology Platforms / Executive Director, FOA
Dr. Douglas Yu/ 余振華
Vice President, Research & Development / Integrated Interconnect & Packaging
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