Room 402ab Friday, September 07
8:20am to 4:20pm

Date:Friday, September 07, 2018
Time:8:30 - 16:40 (08:30 - 08:55 for registration)
Venue:Room 402ab, Hall 1, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center

Forum Chairman:

 ‧ Mr. Brian Lee/ 李宗鴻, CSO, Win Semiconductors/ Co-Chairman of SEMI Taiwan Power and Compound Committee
 ‧ Dr. Herman Chang/ 張育銘, General Manager, Energy Infrastructure Solution BG, Delta Electronics/ Co-Chairman of SEMI Taiwan Power and Compound Committee

Forum Vice Chairman:

 ‧ Dr. Yi-Cheng Cheng/ 程一誠, General Director, NCSIST/ Vice Chairman of SEMI Taiwan Power and Compound Committee

 ‧ Mr. Andy Chuang/ 莊淵棋, President, Episil/ Vice Chairman of SEMI Taiwan Power and Compound Committee

 ‧ Barry Lin/ 林嘉孚, CTO, Wavetek/ Vice Chairman of SEMI Taiwan Power and Compound Committee

Session 1
Theme:Wide Band Gap Power Electronics
A growing population and changes in life style will increase the demand for energy consumption in various segments including consumer, enterprise, industrial and e-mobility. The needs for more efficient and advanced energy systems are very clear trends. Because semiconductor has the advantage to process energy in micro-electronic way, it can effectively make power electronics systems to be much smaller, lighter, reliable and efficient, while being capable of operating at higher temperatures. While Si-based semiconductors will remain relevant, wide band gap devices based on SiC and GaN will be the main drivers in achieving a significant leap in performance due to their higher breakdown voltages, higher electron mobility and higher thermal conductivity. To bring up the most recent advances into perspective, the forum will address manufacturing and process technologies for wide band gap devices, as well as discuss new design approaches to reap the benefits of using new devices in modern applications such as e-mobility.

Session 2
Theme: 3D Sensing, VCSEL, LiDAR, MicroLED
Recently, the application of VCSEL to 3D sensing of facial recognition in i-phone X spurred a hype in consumer market. It provides a flexible biometric verification and promises a broad spectrum of security application. The use of VCSEL in LiDAR enables autonomous vehicle technology and creates a potential huge market for optoelectronics. Similarly, Samsung’s debut of its most premium TV using MicroLED in 2018 CES show drew a lot of attention. It paves a way for a very promising new display technology.
These are just some vivid examples of today’s optoelectronics applications which will change our daily life in years to come.

Early-Bird Regular
NTD 3,200 NTD 4,000

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