Topic 7: Vision X Materials - The Age of Contrasts: Expanding Markets & Converging Technologies

Wednesday, September 05
4:35pm to 5:00pm

With challenges to economic growth,  new technologies and applications are needed that are truly transformative and are creating major growth opportunities. Artificial Intelligence, using a wide range of technologies, from machine and deep learning to big data and cloud computing, automation and more, has the ability to create intelligent machines and manufacturing, smart environments and products, and increased productivity and efficiency, thereby generating growth and economic value. High-performance electronics and integrated devices, enabled by a wide range of electronic materials and processes, will be critical to the development and implementation of AI-based applications.
This talk will give an overview of the global market trends highlighting the growing markets and impact of AI, the role of electronic materials in addressing industry challenges and how DowDuPont portfolio of technologies are enabling today’s applications and development of future generation of smart devices.
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