Topic 6: Vision X Equipment - Equipment Intelligence™

Wednesday, September 05
4:10pm to 4:35pm

Continued scaling of logic and memory devices has advanced computing and enabled the age of artificial intelligence and machine learning.  The semiconductor industry has both made these advances possible and is positioned to benefit from them.  Lam Research has a vision for Equipment Intelligence™ to create differentiated process tools that are self-aware, self-maintained, and adaptive. Self-aware tools know their own state, the history of their components, and when to go down for maintenance.  Self-maintained tools can identify and correct based on physical conditions. Adaptive tools can support both local on-tool control loops and fab-wide control loops to stabilize productivity and yield results.  Achieving this vision will require strong collaboration and data transparency between customers and suppliers. Lam Research is using Equipment Intelligence™ combined with Lam’s equipment and process expertise, to deliver improved productivity and process performance.
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