Topic 2: Vision X IDM - Keep Your Smart IoT Safe with Winbond

Wednesday, September 05
2:30pm to 2:55pm

•The advancement of semiconductor technology is powering the era of AI. Proliferation of AI will in turn drive explosive growth of semiconductor demand in cloud computing, AIoT, autonomous driving, etc. In AI era, tremendous amount of data is generated and analyzed every day and data has become the so called “new crude oil”. The scope of such data is colossal: personal biometric records, health diagnosis, traffic, resources consumption in smart cities, etc. However, these innovations are also posing new-fangled cyber security challenges. Cybercrime damage costs reached $600B in 2017 and may hit $6 trillion annually by 2021. Cybercrime is the second most reported crime globally today.
•For years, the common perception is that an on premise implementation is always the most secure way to keep a data safe. The problem is that this is not always that case. By example, it takes one failure to update an important piece of software for a data to be breached. This is the reason why modern solutions require a holistic security approach where premises, software and hardware should be strongly protected.
•Winbond’s innovative technology addresses the security of most basic component of every platform – memory. Winbond introduced the world’s first Secure Flash device, capable of passing high level industry security certifications.
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