From In-Vitro to In-Vivo: Silicon Technology for Healthcare

Friday, September 20
11:30am to 12:00pm

Abstract :

Biological processes such as neuronal signaling, metabolism, and gene expression are among the most complex micro and nano-scale processes in nature. Historically these processes have been studied as aggregate systems because there were no tools available to study individual components of the process. However, this only provides an average view of a biological system and this frequently fails to address the mosaicism inherent in any living system.  With semiconductor technology, much recent work has been focused on probing biology at its native scale (ie. sub-cellular and smaller). At imec, we have developed key technologies for molecular and cellular analysis to aid in both unraveling biological complexity, but also to drive new diagnoses, treatments and therapies that are tailored to the individual. Bringing these advances to the broader healthcare community requires robust microscale processing, one of the key advantages of CMOS fabrication technology. In this talk, I will present recent life sciences development at imec based on silicon technology and discuss the impact on human health.

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