Mr. Bach Chen 陳長宏


Education :

  • MS, Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University

Experience :

  • Champion of Rainmaking Innovation Kaohsiung Competition 2019

  • Top 10 finalists MEDICA App COMPETITION 2018

  • 10 Taiwan Most Innovative Tech Startup 2017

  • 12th National Innovation Awards Taiwan 2015

  • Technical Director, Huper Laboratories Co., Ltd

Biography :

Bach co-founded Maisense in 2012, a company focusing on mobile health solution to provide better management of cardiovascular diseases. The first product, Freescan, is a handheld device that can capture your ECG and radial pulse wave to detect blood pressure and atrial fibrillation.

Before Maisense, Bach joined startup huperLab and led a team to deliver a series of world's fastest Digital Video Recorders for surveillance use. He experienced a complete cycle of how digitization was reshaping the traditional surveillance industry and believes the same rule can be applied to digital health.

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