Start-up Innovation in MedTech : Telecardiology and The Cardiovascular Monitor by Maisense

Friday, September 20
10:30am to 10:50am

Abstract :

1 out of every 4 people died by cardiovascular diseases. The longer we live, the bigger chances we face cardiovascular diseases. With the advances of ICT, patients benefit by telecardiology.

Home-based telecardiology

Telecardiology is the provision of diagnosis and health monitoring of cardiac patients by physicians and healthcare professional from a distant location with the help of ICT. Via telecardiology, patients are enabled to receive non-emergency services at local clinics or even at home. The service model will be introduced.

Performance improvement by AI on AFib detection

The traditional method to annotate ECG is through rule-based algorithm followed by professional’s review. By applying AI, accuracy for AFib detection increases comparing to pure rule-based algorithm.

Maisense’s Health IoT solution

Freescan, a handheld cardiovascular monitor, is able to detect blood pressure, AFib, and arterial stiffness within 10 seconds. (Hypertension, AFib, and arterial stiffness are top 3 causes of stroke.) Freescan comes with 2 sensors: ECG sensor and pulse wave force sensor. Details of Freescan will be introduced.

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