Ms. Wendy Chen 陳文如



Education :

  • M.S.  Photoelectric engineering, National Central University

Experience :

  • Sr. Director /Advanced Technology Development Division / KYEC
  • Director / Test Development & Integration Division / KYEC
  • Manager/ Charge Coupler Device Division/  HMC

Biography :

Wendy Chen currently is Associate Vice President of R&D Center in King Yuan Electronics Co., Ltd. She served KYEC over 18 years and was responsible for researching novel test technologies and developing test solutions with systems including advance probing technologies、 novel tooling system modeling and test solutions for sensors such as image、 inertial 、environmental 、biological sensors.  Before the experience in KYEC, she had been worked for Semiconductor Company (UMC and HMC/ Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Division) over 6 years and another 5 years in Taiwan National Applied Research Lab Instrument Technology Research Center and Industrial Technology Research Institute as a researcher.

Society :

  • Chapter owner of Testing Specialty Devices of ITRS & HIR
  • Member of SEMI Taiwan MEMS Committee
  • Director of Taiwan Nanotechnology and Micro System Association since 2011
  • Co-chair of SEMI Taiwan 3DS IC Standard Committee since 2011
  • Vice Chair of SEMI Taiwan Test Committee since 2019
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