Metrology goes deep- Introducing new concepts in materials metrology​

Thursday, September 19
2:45pm to 3:10pm



•As new technology nodes introduce many new materials and compounds into the process flow, established in-line metrology faces severe sensitivity challenges.

•Most critical process parameters such as ALD thickness, composition and contamination or depth profiles cannot be obtained from inline metrology systems

•Previous lab exclusive techniques need to be implemented into the process in order to deliver the required metrics for highest yield and process stability.

•We want to elaborate on the limitations of existing process metrology, the need for lab metrology implemented into a fab environment and the challenges that come along by using SIMS as an example

•The best way to know the composition of a film stack is to profile it in depth and for this Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) is ideal

•We introduce here the concept of metrology using depth profiles of films (thin or thick) using SIMS in line. 

•With SIMS in line, the metrology engineer can now gain process insight into many previously hidden or indiscernible layers and do it in a matter of minutes

•The scrapping of wafers and long wait times for lab results are no longer needed 

•The increased sampling rate also enables valuable SPC in complex and slow process steps such as epitaxy

•Other applications of SIMS in the fab include tool qualification, rapid contamination identification for accelerated yield recovery and improved yield ramp up speed


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