Automotive Semiconductor Packaging - Where Are We Headed?

Friday, September 20
2:25pm to 2:50pm



As the automotive industry evolves and the global demand for electric vehicles for both commercial and personal use increases, semiconductor packaging will continue to be an integral part of the technology improvements and growth. An electric vehicle with an SAE Level 2 Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS) has four times the semiconductor content of an average gasoline vehicle. Semiconductor packaging plays a crucial role in the functionality and reliability of this growing electronic content. While 80% of automotive semiconductors use more traditional wirebond packages, the trend is moving towards increased adoption of advanced packages. ADAS and infotainment are the top drivers for this shift to advanced packaging. As application profiles change, reliability requirements are becoming more challenging. Similarly, quality expectations have never been higher and are now measured in number or incidents instead of defective parts per million (DPPM) or defective parts per billion (DPPB).

This presentation will explain the trends in automotive semiconductor packaging and provide ways to meet emerging quality and reliability challenges. 

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