CMOS Compatible and Integrated Micro Capacitors based on Carbon Nanofibers

Friday, September 20
3:00pm to 3:25pm



Complete on-chip fully solid-state 3D integrated capacitors using vertically aligned carbon nanofibers (CNFs) as electrodes to provide a large 3D surface in a MIM configuration have been manufactured and characterized in terms of capacitance per device footprint area, equivalent series resistance (ESR), breakdown voltage, leakage current. The entire manufacturing process of the capacitors is completely CMOS compatible, which along with the low device profile of about 5 µm makes the devices readily available for integration on a CMOS-chip, in 3D stacking, or redistribution layers in a 2.5D interposer technology. Capacitances in excess of 350 nF/mm2, ESR below 100 mΩ, breakdown voltages of 25 V and leakage current of the order of 0.004 A/F have been measured. Furthermore, these new capacitors based on CNFs show stable and robust performance against temperature and applied voltage to the device, which makes them very attractive for decoupling applications in digital circuits for example.

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