Keynote: NXP Secure Interfaces and Power – the road to higher integration and the challenges we face for IOT, Mobile and Industrial

Friday, September 20
9:35am to 10:05am



NXP has a broad range of products outside of their leadership in Automotive. BL-SIP (Secure Interfaces and Power) is one of the leaders providing big A, small D solutions to customers in the mobile, IOT and industrial spaces.  And we are very dependent on not only the silicon ecosystem, but that of assembly and test!  Those solutions can range from very small (1x1 mm) chips with lifetimes of 20+ years to products that have increasingly intense power, performance and cost requirements.  I will present on the behalf of NXP a few examples of the tradeoffs, successes, challenges and a few of the ideas going forward on how to serve such a wide and diverse set of requirements and customers.

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