Power Protection Equipment - Digitalization is here but is the semiconductor industry ready?

Wednesday, September 18
3:35pm to 4:00pm



“Voltage sags continue to be an issue that causes production and financial losses especially for the semiconductor industry. Power protection equipment are used to solve sags and interruptions. Many existing power protection devices today provide digital features that provide equipment information to semiconductor facility engineers. However this information is not always simple to use and analyse and semiconductor industry continue to face unintended downtime and quality issue. As we go into Industry 4.0, digitalization is moving to the next level by applying cloud and big data. Many other industries outside of semiconductor industry are starting to gain benefits by adopting this. Power protection equipment with improved digitalization features stand ready to improve semiconductor fab and packaging plants productivity through reduced downtime and unintended shutdowns from voltage sags. However is the semiconductor industry ready to adopt power protection equipment with more digitalization?”

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