Predictive Maintenance & Condition Monitoring

Wednesday, September 18
3:10pm to 3:35pm



It is estimated that the use of Predictive Maintenance techniques in factories can reduce downtime by up to 50% and save up to 40% of equipment and maintenance costs (according to a study by McKinsey). 

Predictive maintenance tools are becoming an integral part of the Smart Industry and Smart Manufacturing, and ST already uses Predictive Maintenance in our production.

Predictive Maintenance solutions are growing now leveraging on the recent introduction of new semiconductor enabling technologies. 

Effective predictive maintenance strategies are  based on smart sensors nodes, performing real-time condition monitoring techniques with different types of data analysis supported by AI, and advanced connectivity solutions. 

ST has pioneered advanced technologies to deliver end-to-end Predictive Maintenance solutions for motors and other industrial systems using motion and environmental sensors coupled with strong connectivity, processing and a complete software/firmware ecosystem.

Nevertheless, next challenges have been identified for large scale condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solution adoption.

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