Advanced Joint Materials for High Efficient Heat Dissipation

Thursday, September 19
2:35pm to 3:05pm



Along with the high density mounting of semiconductors used in portable devices such as smartphones and wearable devices, the improvements in many characteristics such as heat dissipation, electric conductivity, and dimensional accuracy are required in silicon industry. Furthermore, the demand of the electronic content of automobiles continues to grow rapidly, with a goal of electric vehicle and automatic driving vehicle. Therefore, high-temperature properties and high joint reliability are also required in automotive such as power devices and sensing systems. 

In order to solve these problems, we have developed advanced soldering materials that are focusing on improvement of heat dissipation. In this presentation, we will introduce two types of jointing materials, Cu core balls that enable to achieve high electrical, thermal conductivity and capability of maintaining stand-off height in 3D package mounting structures such as Package-on-Package (PoP) and embedded package, and STIM (solder thermal interface materials) that improves thermal conductivity between heat sink and IC devices.

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