Keynote: Innovations Sustaining Semiconductor Technology Migration

Thursday, September 19
10:55am to 11:30am



Sustaining of semiconductor technology migration becomes more challenging nowadays. Moore’s Law is alive, but we need new and disruptive innovations to maintain it.

Chiplet has been proposed to address Moore’s Law sustain challenges.By splitting or partitioning SoC chip into smaller chips, chiplet allows critical savings on cost and cycle-time. In addition, IP re-use from the partition can enable more cost-saving.

There are various integration technologies proposed by industry. They are able to realize chiplets integration. However, there are limitation on how much they can enable system PPA improvement. Furthermore, what is next after the chiplets to continuously support semiconductor technology migration?

In this presentation, we will discuss our proposed innovative technology platform for advanced chiplets integration, which not only provides system performance/power benefits, but also enables new system deep- scaling beyond the chiplets to sustain long term semiconductor migration.

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