Innovations in Glass-Based Solutions for Advanced Semicon Packaging & Consumer Electronics

Thursday, September 19
3:20pm to 3:45pm


Increasingly demanding functionality and form-factor requirements in the Semiconductor and Consumer Electronics industries, paired with significant advances in manufacturing technologies, have made precision glass an ideal material choice for these application spaces. For example, glass carriers used in semiconductor packaging processes such as fan-out are increasingly being adopted to address the problem of in-process warp. We will present research findings on the impact of finely tuned CTE and higher Young’s modulus on reducing this problem. Another example of the emerging demand for glass is in micro-optic applications for consumer electronics including miniaturized sensors, caps, and high-quality augmented reality optics. We will present the latest material performance requirements and technical challenges in these applications,  and discuss how glass can unlock potential that legacy materials have historically struggled to address.

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