Advanced materials for continuous scaling in lithography

Thursday, September 19
9:35am to 10:00am


Scaling has been continued for last 50 years, and it will be expanded in next decade combining with a device design and various process techniques.

JSR develops advanced photoresists, spin-on middle layer (ML)and carbon hard mask materials (CHM), which are composed of state-of-art chemicals to support further scaling.

In this talk, I focus on mitigation of roughness and defectivity. In the past, both performances are not fully overlapped from each other. Now, both items get closer, and will become synonymous in near future. To achieve not only target performance but also excellent quality, , chemicals with special design for highly functionality, ultra-high purity, and uniformity are required.  In addition, ML and CHM could reduce roughness and defectivity through patterning and etching process. We, at JSR, contribute continuous scaling from development of both advanced photoresist and supporting materials such as ML and UL.

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