Keynote​: A New Era of Supply Chain Collaboration: Deliver Socially Responsible Semiconductor

Thursday, September 19
9:05am to 9:35am


The semiconductor industry is an indispensable element of daily life. Any large-scale quality/reliability or supply issues in semiconductor products could potentially affect our society significantly. Therefore, it is the industry’s long-term goal to focus on business continuity and manufacturing quality. However, as the technology node continues to shrink, the process window of semiconductor manufacturing is getting much tighter, and small fluctuations in raw materials may directly influence semiconductor product quality or line stability. Chipmakers have to work together with material suppliers to improve the quality of raw materials including their upstream components to ensure variations are within downstream process tolerance. TSMC is committed to collaborate with material industry on their defect detection, process control and material characterization capabilities to elevate material quality system. In parallel, for material batches out of the baseline, we will also run qualification through a quarantined fab process line in attempt to continue enlarge acceptance window. We strongly believe in this win-win partnership. Together, we can continue make “technical impossible” possible and fulfill social responsibility expected upon our industry.

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