The Beauty Of Coupling Innovative Mind, Machine and Medicine - SemiCon 2019 : the Path to Widgetized EMR

Friday, September 20
10:00am to 10:30am

Abstract :

Through the underpinning of design thinking, critical thinking and strategic thinking, a new medical innovation networking has been build since 2018.The mission of the Innovation Center, Originals & Enterprises, as the name implies, is to connect the right people to do the right thing by linking the individuals with original spirit with the business partners with entrepreneurial ambition in a meaningful and lasting way for inventing medical products really beneficiary for the patients and for creating a smart environment that is truly good for medical research and development, and hopefully to become an integral part of a thriving entrepreneurship.

KSVGH Originals & Enterprises has been working with a number of companies, universities and corporate bodies to bring innovation to the forefront of the life sciences and medical industry, with the hope to form effective clinical information leadership via five major perspectives including information exchange, engagement, professionalism, orchestration and convergence; also making the best out of accountability, courage, creativity, decision-making, effectiveness, and cross-disciplinary thinking, trying to explore the tomorrow stars in hospitals and enterprises to give birth to more innovators and entrepreneurs, to achieve the highest goal of digital governance of the medical system.

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