Digital Healthcare Innovation

Friday, September 20
9:00am to 9:30am

Abstract :

Innovative digital healthcare and favorable government regulations have not only empowered efficient medical practices and better patient cares but also create new value chain with more than 150 billion USD by 2025. General technology sectors include tele-healthcare, mhealth, health analytics, and digital health systems. Various wearable devices and smart mobil apps play vital role for more responsive and preventive measures from real world data. Coupled with machine learning of structured/non-structured data (EHR/EMR and PACS) continues to reduce timeline for medical documentation and aids in decision supports for both diagnostic/treatment procedures.

ITRI BDL has devoted in development of ecosystem for the growth of digital healthcare in the past few years. These include wearable devices, smart algorithms, and infrastructure to facilitate the realization of “services as a product” through our digital healthcare alliance platform.

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