VCSELs for 3D Sensing

Tuesday, September 17
3:50pm to 4:15pm

Abstract :

3D sensing first appeared in smartphones in 2017, and looks set to be in all premium smartphones from this year onwards.  The first sensors were used for face recognition but in 2019, we are seeing sensors on the front and back of phones, to be used for gaming, security, AR/VR, and near-perfect depth perception for sharp camera focusing.  After that, we will see 3D sensing used in a variety of applications from driver monitoring in cars, to gesture control of household devices.

VCSELs (vertical cavity surface emitting lasers), a key component of 3D sensors, is built on a GaAs substrate and SPTS is used by leading manufacturers for etching deep wells, and to deposit dielectric and metal layers.  This presentation will discuss the challenges of VCSEL processing from the perspective of the equipment maker, and show how the plasma etch process benefits from accurate in-situ end-pointing.

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