SmartNIL™ Nanoimprint Lithography Enabling Advanced Functionality of Optical Devices for AR

Tuesday, September 17
3:25pm to 3:50pm

Abstract :

Photonic applications for 3D sensing, biometric authentication or spectral imaging gained recently a lot of attention and are emerging rapidly by utilizing wafer level optic fabrication. So far sensing in consumer electronics has been mainly dominated by MEMS providing high performance and smallest form factors for a multitude of applications. This has also been enabled by using the fabrication infrastructure of the semiconductor industry and in particular by the implementation of wafer bonding technologies. To manufacture those novel optical modules also wafer level technologies are required to achieve smallest form factors and high performance combined with high volume parallel processing. Thus, wafer level optics is key enabling and technologies as lens molding and nanoimprint lithography play an essential role in this new field of sensing applications. Furthermore, nanoimprint lithography is a key technology for the generation of large area diffractive gratings. Such gratings are key element for augmented reality displays used for projection of 3D Sensing.

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