505ab 會議室/ 南港展覽館一館五樓 Wednesday, September 18
12:40pm to 5:00pm


Date:Wednesday, September 18th, 2019 
Time : 12:40 – 17:00 (12:40-13:10 for registration)
Venue:Room 505ab, TaiNEX 1 / 台北南港展覽館一館 5樓 505ab會議室 
Theme :  Energy Conservation and Risk Management for Sustainable Manufacturing

Outline :

In conjunction with SEMICON Taiwan 2019, the Sustainable Manufacturing Committee of SEMI Taiwan is organizing an event to provide insights on the latest products and technologies, regulations, technical standards, business continuity plan (BCP), business continuity management (BCM), energy conservation, circular economy and cyber security.

The Sustainable and Circular economy Forum will showcase the expertise and capabilities of companies and speakers from around the word by addressing a wide variety of energy conservation and risk management issues for high tech sustainable manufacturing. The topics includes environmental protection, BCP/BCM, energy conservation, circular economy, occupational health and safety, information and operation security which affect sustainable manufacturing.


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