401 會議室/ 南港展覽館一館四樓 Thursday, September 19
8:20am to 4:15pm


Date:Thursday, September 19th, 2019
Time:08:20 - 16:15 (08:20-08:50 for registration)
Venue:Room 401, 4F, TaiNEX 1 / 台北南港展覽館一館 4樓 401會議室


  • Wide Band Gap Power Electronics ​
  • 5G Communications and VCSEL


  • Mr. Brian Lee 李宗鴻, 策略長, 穩懋半導體股份有限公司/ 主席, SEMI Taiwan 功率暨化合物半導體委員會

Vice Chairs:

  • Dr. Yi-Cheng Cheng 程一誠, 材料暨光電研究所所長, 國家中山科學研究院/ 副主席, SEMI Taiwan 功率暨化合物半導體委員會
  • Mr. Andy Chuang 莊淵棋, 總經理, 漢磊科技股份有限公司/ 副主席, SEMI Taiwan 功率暨化合物半導體委員會
  • Dr. Barry Jia-Fu Lin 林嘉孚, 技術長, 聯穎光電股份有限公司/ 副主席, SEMI Taiwan 功率暨化合物半導體委員會


  • 上午場:Mr. Andy Chuang 莊淵棋, 總經理, 漢磊科技股份有限公司/ 副主席, SEMI Taiwan 功率暨化合物半導體委員會
  • 下午場:Dr. Barry Lin 林嘉孚, 技術長, 聯穎光電股份有限公司/ 副主席, SEMI Taiwan 功率暨化合物半導體委員會


  • Energy saving and carbon reduction are two major topics in the area of environment protection of the  earth. WBG (Wide Band Gap) technology is one of best solution to enhance the efficiency of energy conversion, it can effectively make power electronics systems much smaller, lighter, more reliable and more efficient, while being capable of operating at higher temperatures. Compared to silicon devices and materials, wide band gap devices based on SiC and GaN have excellent characteristics to achieve a significant improvement in performance such as higher breakdown voltages, higher electron mobility and higher thermal conductivity.
    To popularize WBG power electronics, the forum will address WBG applications in EV industry, wide band gap materials, as well as manufacturing and process technologies for wide band gap devices.

  • 5G communication is rolling out to the field in the coming years. It changes the role of cell phone in a revolutionary way. Cell phone is no longer just a personal tool, it moves to an interaction media between human and environment through IOT connection. In this session, 5G technology and architecture trends will be reviewed by two prominent vendors in the world.
    VCSEL emerges as the “hot shot” in photonics area. In addition to the technology, component module, epi-wafer growth, and on-wafer testing are the other three key areas. Companies in Taiwan play a vital role in providing these key elements.  We will show case some examples in this session.
    In this session, topics on 5G communication and VCSEL demonstrate the impact of compound semiconductor industry on our daily life in the future.

SEMI 會員價
NTD 3,200 NTD 4,000 NTD 3,200 5人以上再享9折

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* Forum agenda is subject to change



Ms. Bettina Weiss
Chief of Staff
Mr. Brian Lee 李宗鴻
CSO / Chairman
穩懋半導體股份有限公司 / SEMI Taiwan Power & Compound Semiconductor Committee
Dr. Yi-Cheng Cheng 程一誠
所長 / Vice Chairman
高功率元件應用研發聯盟 / SEMI Taiwan Power & Compound Semiconductor Committee
Mr. Nick Cataldo
Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing
Mr. Filippo Di Giovanni
Strategic Marketing, Innovation and Key Programs Manager
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