2019 系統級封測國際高峰論壇 – 第二天

馥儷廳雅悅會館/ 中信企業總部A棟三樓 Thursday, September 19
8:15am to 5:00pm

Date:Thursday, September 19th, 2019
Time:08:15 - 17:00 (08:15-08:45 for registration)
Venue:Grand Ballroom, Grand Luxe Banquet, 3F, Building A, CTBC Financial Park / 中信企業總部A棟三樓雅悅會館馥儷廳
Theme: AI/5G-driven High Performance Computing, from Cloud to Edge


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With the arrival of data-centric era, we are unconsciously immersed in and guided by ubiquitous data generation and processing in our daily life; from remote cloud, data centers, networks, to fleet of personal and sensing devices such as smartphone, wearables, visual monitoring, vocal controls, and smart surveillance. This spurs strong demands on semiconductor logics, memories, and wireless connectivity for data generation, storage, processing, and communication. To meet the escalating demands on data bandwidth and smart computing, the semiconductor industry has re-invented packaging and system integration technologies by providing cost effective solutions in all application domains.

While Moore’s Law transistor scaling continues, semiconductor market has evolved from device centric to data centric. To address market needs, system packages through heterogeneous integration has taken the driver’s seat and  propel system performances toward smart computing, wide data bandwidth, small form factor, with low or zero latency and energy efficiency. And all these are capped by ever better system cost per function as technology and product migrate from generation to generation.

In this forum, speakers from renowned academician, research institute, Design House, EDA tool, foundry, and manufacturing/materials suppliers are sharing their insights and visions. Audience would benefit from this forum to have an in-depth understanding on following subjects

  • Data centric high performance computing industry trends
  • System integration and packaging technologies
  • Chiplets integration: opportunity and challenges
  • Novel enablement ASIC, EDA, and manufacturing tools/materials


SEMI 會員價
NTD 5,040 NTD 6,300 NTD 5,040 5人以上再享9折

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Dr. Subramanian S. Iyer
Distinguished Professor
University of California, Los Angeles
Dr. Subramanian S. Iyer
Distinguished Professor
University of California, Los Angeles
Dr. Eric Beyne
imec fellow / VP R&D / Program Director 3D System Integration
Dr. Jeong-Tyng Li 李炯霆
Vice President of Engineering
台灣 新思科技
Mr. Calvin Lee 李長祺
ASE Group
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