Mr. Richard Barnett



Education :

  • B.Eng. in Engineering, Nottingham University, UK

Experience :

  • Product Management, Aviza Technologies / SPTS
  • Process/Technical Support, PureWafer
  • Process Engineer, Surface Technology Systems
  • Diffusion/Wet-etch Process Engineer, European Semiconductor Manufacturing

Biography :

Richard Barnett is Etch Product Manager at SPTS, with over 20 years’ experience in a number of fields in the semiconductor industry including diffusion/wet etch, plasma etching, PCB design and reliability, product marketing and customer technical support management, at companies such as LG Semiconductor, Lucas Aerospace, Surface Technology Systems (STS) and Pure Wafer plc. 

In 2007 he joined Aviza Technology Ltd, and was subsequently promoted to his current role as Etch Products Manager. Aviza and STS merged to form SPTS in 2009.

Mr. Barnett graduated from The University of Nottingham with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering for Materials Engineering and Electronics.  He has published many technical articles related to silicon DRIE and plasma dicing, and delivered multiple presentations on wafer processing technologies.

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