Mr. Markus Wimplinger

Corporate Technology Dev. & IP Director
EV Group


Education :

  • Electrical Engineering from HTL Braunau, Austria

Experience :

  • Corporate Director Technology Development & IP, EVG
  • 2002-2006 Director Technology North America

Biography :

Markus Wimplinger is the Corporate Technology Development and IP Director at EVG. In this role, Markus oversees EV Group’s global Process Engineering team. His further responsibilities include the management of R&D partnerships and contracts with 3rd party organizations such as companies or government related entities, as well as Intellectual Property affairs associated with EVG’s process technology development efforts.

Markus received his educational background in Electrical Engineering from HTL Braunau, Austria. He started with EV Group as a project manager at the company’s headquarters in Austria in 2001 with focus on customer projects. In 2002, Mr. Wimplinger transitioned to EV Group North America in Tempe, Arizona, USA, where he served as the Director Technology North America till August 2006. Mr. Wimplinger’s past work includes involvement in design, development, process technology and many other aspects of capital equipment production at both EV Group and at his former job with a capital equipment supplier for non-semiconductor related industries.

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