Smart Manufacturing Show

Powering High-Tech Digitalization

Smart manufacturing is no longer just about gathering information, making sense of data, and making better-informed decisions. The value it brings outweighs the mere consideration of costs and profits. Today, smart manufacturing is allowing for vertical and horizontal integration of entire ecosystems, giving rise to brand new business models with its unique combination of IoT and AI.


Co-located with SEMICON Taiwan, SMART Manufacturing Expo is showcasing complete smart manufacturing solutions for a wide range of high-tech industries from semiconductor to touch panel, flat-panel display, and PCB. Focusing on the digital transformation of high-tech manufacturing, the Expo brings together solution providers, equipment makers, and critical chip-module makers that are driving smart manufacturing for high-tech industries, in order to help the microelectronics ecosystem speed up its implementation of smart, integrated, and innovative digital transformation solutions.




AI-empowered Digital Transformation

The global smart manufacturing market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.5% to reach US$320 billion by 2020. As the requirements from end markets for chip size, performance, and capability continue to rise, apart from the ever-shortening product life cycles and the rising trend toward low-volume, high-customization production, it becomes a critical competitive edge for next-generation high-tech manufacturers to leverage data analytics and AI to help predict and simulate production cycles in order to increase productivity, reduce energy consumption, and lower production/maintenance costs.


Cybersecurity in the Era of Big Data

The number of IoT devices around the world is expected to exceed 30 billion by 2020, with manufacturing the biggest sector investing in IoT. Sitting at the convergence of the physical and the cyber worlds, smart factories are seamlessly integrating data from the production and the management sides, creating remarkable productivity gains but also introducing additional cyber risks. Consequently, raising security awareness and improving cyber defenses are the two main pillars of digital transformation for high-tech manufacturing.



Cyber Security

  • Cyber defense strategy and risk management for equipment and production lines
  • Enterprise cyber security management and monitoring

Smart Manufacturing & Automation

  • System integration and optimization for factory automation
  • Manufacturing process optimization and real-time process realignment
  • Quality inspection and defect detection
  • Production data visibility
  • Digital twin and virtual factory
  • Equipment early warning, diagnostic checks, and maintenance
  • AI-based decision support system
  • Enhancement of equipment and human productivity
  • Manufacturing process energy consumption monitoring and equipment power management
  • Smart scheduling and capacity & yield improvement




This year, touting the theme “Peeking into future factories—smart factories reinforced by AI and cyber defense,” the organizer brings some of the most visionary technologies to the Expo through interactive hands-on areas, such as a digital situation room and smart glasses, taking you to a tour of digital transformation from an whole new perspective. For more details on the exhibition areas, please check back later.




In three days, more than 40 free sessions will zero in on the latest solutions and technologies in smart manufacturing to give you first-hand insights and inspirations. For the full meeting agenda, please check back later.








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