Wednesday, September 18
3:30pm to 3:45pm


Last 60 years integrated circuits technology was developed with exponentially progress results in a tremendous information industry. This trend was due to the past consecutive 30 generations of solid state devices shrinkage with the marvelous silicon processing technology scaling, according to the conjectures of an economical empirical Moore’s Law. Now the Moore’s Law will soon be ended with its traditional scaling form by one nanometer node, but IC industry may still struggling continue in some kinds of quasi- or virtual- Moore’s Law by 3D stacking or other variations to improve the ITC system’s functionality and cost performance ratio. However, the next real explosive scaling is now revealed by a disruptive and revolutionary technology – quantum computing, appearing on the horizon. Quantum physics was discovered hundred years ago, there is still so much treasure to be explored, the new exponentially scaling law will naturally be realized in a relay race with the past 60 years classical Moore’s Law. My vision to this quantum computing is that this technology will clearly bring up even much more explosive progress for future ITC industries than the classical Moore’s Law, and will realize all kinds of our imaginations in AI capabilities, thus naturally enable revolutions in human life in the coming next 60 years. A multi-trillions-dollars industry is waiting for us to create.

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