Taiwan Semiconductor Technology – the Next Sixty Years

Wednesday, September 18
2:00pm to 2:15pm


We will witness the most rapid development of information technology that is even faster than what we saw in the past six decades. Semiconductor technology is the foundation of 5G, AI, and the high performance computing that is necessary to process the data. The impending arrival of 5G means there will be enormous amounts of data generated by human-to-machine and machine-to-machine interactions. These data will in turn fuel advances in AI, which feeds upon vast amounts of data. Advances in AI and 5G will not only improve design and manufacturing productivity of the semiconductor industry, but their rapid adoption will also benefit other industries.

Semiconductor technology is no longer simply an economic driver, but has risen to carry geopolitical importance. Taiwan must take the lead in creating differentiation in a global competitive market; Taiwan must also strengthen the supply chain of semiconductor technology locally in Taiwan and anchor ourselves solidly in the global supply chain. This means drawing upon our established strengths in materials, device technologies, manufacturing, design, and packaging, and capitalizing on AI and 5G to push forward semiconductor technologies.

The global nature of the semiconductor industry means Taiwan can stay ahead only by ensuring we are at the absolute leading edge of research and development. This requires innovations. Innovations come from people. We must build strengths in our higher education system and nurture our next-generation of scientists and engineers. Attracting global talent to the universities of Taiwan and the industrial R&D laboratories is vital and must be a cooperation among government, public, and private enterprises.

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