Smart Factory & Manufacturing setups to achieve Digital Transmission within the EMS-industry

Tuesday, September 17
3:00pm to 3:25pm




a) What are the everyday challenges to a global EMS-company, serving different markets with different expectations / certifications? 

b) How can a Smart Manufacturing Environment help to optimize the overall production output in volume, time and quality? 

c) How to create deep process & execution setups, leading into an integrated automation scenario, backed up by deep data analytics?




1) Digital transmission in the EMS Industry, linked to different market expectations

a) Tranformationof needs within the EMS-market (from built to print  to engineering services)


2) “Industry 4.0” or “Made in China 2025” as starting points for further developments

a) Transparency & Optimization in processes

b) Increasementof productivity & flexibility

c) Governmental involvement and supportive investment programs

d) Focal points & targets


3) PREPARE: Methods & Tools

a) DigitalFactory

b) DFx - Analyses

c) MTM & TiCon

d) SAP – integration of sub-supply chain


4) EXECUTE: Supporting technology  & automatization

a) SmartFactory (Digital Twin)

b) AR for PCBA & system integration

c) Co-Robotics (Cobot)


5) TRACK: Data management & usage

a) Predictive maintenance & quality

b) Full Traceability


6) Outlook on “Industry 5.0” or the way to the next level

a) Artificial Intelligence

b) Global Roadmap 2020

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