Metrology and Inspection challenges in advanced packaging

Tuesday, September 17
2:35pm to 3:00pm



  • Semiconductor packaging manufacturing landscape is dynamic and requires all manufacturer types an extent of flexibility to adopt to the constant challenging requirements. These include:​

- Reducing chip scale ​

- Increasing data rate​

- Uncompromised reliability at high production rate​

  • Specializing in inspection and metrology, Camtek acknowledges these challenges and constantly develops dedicated solutions to keep in line with the industry roadmap. Bumps are getting smaller with finer pitch and RDLs are getting ever thinner, while market demands for faster and more accurate metrology tools. Uncompromised high yield requires perfect detection capabilities at smaller and smaller pixel sizes, and defects which are hidden within the substance, such as inner cracks. ​
  • In a data driven world demanding automatic data sorting of massive quantities, defects classification must be put through a learning system deriving intelligent decisions. Our deep learning system facilitates customer defined classification into an automatic and a more accurate process.  ​
  • Camtek, as an experienced inspection and metrology equipment manufacturer, continuously and successfully adjusts to these challenges. ​
  • In this presentation I will present some of our solutions.  ​
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