Keynote: Advanced semiconductor packaging dynamic ecosystem: Technology & Market trends

Tuesday, September 17
9:10am to 9:40am



Advanced packaging has entered its most successful era boosted by need for better integration, the slowdown of Moore’s law and, beyond that, the megatrends, transportation, 5G, consumer, memory & computing, IoT (& IIoT) and AI & HPC. In the era of a slowing Moore’s Law, advanced packaging has emerged as the savior of future semiconductor development. In this digital new age, advanced nodes do not bring the desired cost benefit anymore and R&D investments in new lithography solutions and devices below 10nm nodes are rising substantially. Hence, advanced packaging represents an opportunity to increase product value (higher performance at lower cost) offering advantages down both the scaling and functional roadmaps. Last couple of year’s semiconductor industry witnessed high double-digit growth and in 2019, we are expecting a slowdown (negative YoY growth). However, advanced packaging is expected to maintain the growth momentum in 2019 with ~ 6% YoY growth. ​

Two advanced packaging roadmaps are foreseen – scaling (going to sub10 nm nodes) and functional (staying above 20nm nodes). Both roadmaps hold more multi-die heterogeneous integration (SiP) and higher levels of package customization in the future. 3 competitive areas are present and will continue to develop – PCB vs. substrate, substrate vs. Fan-Out, Fan-Out vs. 2.5D/3D. Primary innovation in advanced packaging: decreasing Cu pillar pitch, RDL/substrate development for L/S <10 um (thin film RDL, SAP, Cu damascene RDL and hybrids thereof), further TSV integration (2.5D/3D and MEMS/CIS). Foundries joined, PCB/Substrate suppliers and EMS also joining (advanced) package manufacturing. This presentation will describe the market dynamics and explain the different solutions and challenges that the industry will have to face.​​

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