Topic 7: Advancements in Dopant Gas Storage and Delivery for Ion Implant Applications

Thursday, September 06
11:50am to 12:15pm


Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) materials are a new class of nano-adsorbents with broad applicability in electronics gas storage, delivery, purification, and abatement.  The adsorbents have unprecedented surface areas and uniform pore sizes that can be precisely customized to the specific properties of electronic gases. ION-X® is a sub-atmospheric dopant gas delivery system designed for ion implantation, and the first commercial product that uses MOFs.  In this presentation the properties and performance of ION-X delivering arsine (AsH3), phosphine (PH3), and boron trifluoride (BF3) will be discussed.  Gas purity, adsorbent stability, and storage capacity were characterized and compared to incumbent carbon-based implant gas delivery systems with evaluation results at an OEM. Specifically, flow, pressure, beam stability, and metal contamination were below specification limits and undistinguishable from the process of record using conventional gas sources. ION-X is commercially available through an agreement between NuMat Technologies and Versum Materials.

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