Sensor in Future Mobillity

Tuesday, September 17
9:00am to 9:25am

Abstract :

More than 80% of all automotive innovations are directly or indirectly enabled by semiconductors. The most important automotive type of semiconductor is the sensor. Sensors are the electronic senses and data sources of the vehicle. No drivetrain, independent of combustion or EV, no human machine interface with voice, image and gesture and no driver assistance functions up to autonomous driving works without sensors. The car today has more senses than a human being who does not have a radar sense, an ultrasonic sense, a lidar senor or serious night vision. This dependency of mobility on sensors asks for reliability, quality, repeatability, security and safety at the sensor level. And the sensors of today are not sufficient for level 5 autonomous driving tomorrow. New types of sensors, better resolution, increased power and data performance as well as local adaptive intelligent filtering is necessary.

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