Qubits from a 300mm fab

Friday, September 20
1:35pm to 2:05pm



Quantum computing promises to enable a second revolution in computing. While small  demonstrator systems are publicly available for testing, the advent of large-scale quantum computing and that of quantum advantage are elusive. The path towards VLSI for quantum computing will likely follow a similar one to classical computing where developments in device fabrication and system design go hand in hand with  algorithm and software enablement.

While many qubit devices have been proposed in the literature, only few are holding the promise towards VLSI. In this talk, we will discuss how compatibility with CMOS processing in a 300mm fab can speed-up the technology development enabling quantum computing and explain how learning from CMOS processing enables qubit fabrication. We will use as example imec’s platforms for spin qubits in Si and for superconducting qubits and we will detail some of the learning built towards better qubits.

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