Customizing for the Cloud

Friday, September 20
8:40am to 9:05am


Microsoft has been using customized logic to accelerate its data centers for some time and continues to do so. This talk describes Microsoft’s balanced acceleration efforts that include both FPGAs and ASICs. More than one million FPGAs have been deployed in Microsoft's cloud to accelerate software defined networking for Azure and accelerate DNNs for Bing and Microsoft customers. The same hardware architecture is used to provide low latency, high throughput for both networking and DNN processing.

Microsoft has also been developing customized ASICs to accelerate its cloud. Microsoft recently announced the Project Corsica ASIC that contains the Project Zipline compression standard. Corsica offers 100Gb/sec of compression performance at excellent compression ratios. Corsica also implements encryption and data integrity checking, enabling a full pipeline for storage and other applications. As demonstrated by the release of both the Project Zipline compression standard and the RTL used to build the compression engine in Corsica, Microsoft is moving towards an open-source accelerator eco-system.

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