Closing Keynote: Taiwan's Industrial AI, today and tomorrow

Friday, September 20
4:00pm to 4:25pm


The AI era is like the invention of electricity. It will subvert your life and industry work in the next 10 years. How should we establish a correct understanding of AI?

We are now entering the next chapter of digital transformation where businesses and brands must adapt and lead their own digital transformation to compete and thrive. AI is the capability of computers to simulate intelligent human behavior and make decisions or recommendations based on sophisticated analysis of data sets and predefined sets of rules. Semiconductors are instrumental to the development and acceleration of the AI opportunity and thus a key factor in boosting innovation in the field and AI’s potential for growth. Facing AI big trend, talent is key factor to win competition of next generation; thus, investing in re-training of talent to enable your organization, people and culture need to be more agile and adaptable.

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