Challenges & Trends to Test IC for 5G New Radio with Novel Technologies

Thursday, September 19
1:35pm to 2:00pm


The evolution of high data rate presented by 5G mobile communication brings millimeter wave applications. The extremely high frequencies make it better to realize antennas in the IC package because the distance from the IC to the antenna should be minimized to suppress the power loss of the signal. Both the implement of millimeter wave signal and the antenna have challenged the test method performed in previous generations. In the presentation, we will discuss the changes that the testing industry may bring in response to these two new features.
For the millimeter wave, the new configuration of testers will be required. At the same time, the peripheral accessories around the testers must also be carefully designed and controlled to properly guide the signal from IC to the tester. On the other hand, the test of the antenna is susceptible to interference leading the uncertain measurement in the production line. When performing antenna measurements on a production line, we need to pay more attention to the correlation of measurement to balance production throughput and testability. We observe some trends in test of the antenna in package, and expect to enhance the implementation of correlation through new technologies.

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