Addressing the growing scale and complexities of advanced semiconductors: A novel approach to quality, reliability and time-to-volume of electronics based on deep data

Thursday, September 19
11:30am to 11:55am

Electronic systems and services are becoming ever ubiquitous in our lives, growing in scale and intricacy. The underlying ICs being implemented call for mega-functionality, Nano-scale manufacturing processes, advanced packaging and eventually, ceaseless use. Although semiconductor sales are reaching all-time highs, R&D expenditure is rising by nearly 6% annually due to increased complexities of development, testing and verification. Companies are under immense pressure to lower manufacturing costs and streamline processes without compromising quality. Furthermore, market conditions are intensely competitive, and manufacturers must reach volume production quickly and efficiently, while adhering to strict requirements of mission-critical applications that call for less than 1 DPPM, such as Automotive, Datacom and Telecom.
Markets that demand rapid design cycles with high field reliability must adapt and integrate new techniques early-on, in the design and development stages. Improving test quality alone will not enable the transformation needed to keep up with the increasing requirements of the electronics value chain. Modernization is needed on a much broader scale.  
proteanTecs has introduced a novel approach to electronics quality and reliability, by providing deep visibility into chips throughout their entire lifetime. proteanTecs’ Universal Chip Telemetry™ (UCT) monitors health and performance of chips, at design and production as well as during use in the field. A cloud-based software platform applies machine learning algorithms and analytics to data created by chip-embedded Agents, providing actionable insights and predictions about electronics’ performance, quality and reliability at every stage. This presentation will highlight how proteanTecs leverages deep data and predictive analytics to revolutionize chip and system testing, providing high coverage performance visibility in production test, improved parametric yields and ramped HVM. By integrating proteanTecs’ innovative technology, companies can boost productivity, accelerate aggressive time-to-market and increase profitability, while meeting the growing scale and challenging requirements of electronics.
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