5G Delivering Complexity

Thursday, September 19
10:00am to 10:25am


In 2019 5G mmWaveand sub-six phones are starting to roll out.  What is 5G, what can it do (or what is it supposed to do), and how will it do all of the marvelous things it is supposed to do?   Knowing the answers to these questions will start to develop an appreciation of the complexity of the design and the test the 5G solutions. 

5G technology will challenge the test industry to a new level in terms of accuracy,quality, volume and cost.   mmWavetesting has been around for a long time especially in the military /aerospace industrial complex and even there it is considered challenging.  One of the opportunities that the 5G revolution will be that volumes of mmWavedevices will go from the <1M range per year to a million per month, a million per week and maybe a million per day. How will we address the problems of accuracy and quality in the face of the volume and cost that commercial cell phones can afford.   

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