Advanced 5G Test Solution

Thursday, September 19
3:55pm to 4:20pm

Facing the 5G era of challenging, higher data rates and ultra low latency requirement would become prerequisite. The high definition video transmission, big data processing and vehicle-to-x (i.e, vehicle/internet/ road/human) interconnection are treated as very beginning of services. 
For example, automotive associated with IoT concept would frequently increase interacting between human and all objects in next decade. An autonomous vehicle can safely move on the road which relies on some critical chips. Those chips who meet high speed computing, low latency transmission and the hot/cold/thermal shock requirements are undoubtedly required for test. Thus, CHPT realizes a total solution of wafer probe card which consists of needle, ST and PCB to address aforementioned characteristics.
Therefore, probe card having the high frequency fine-pitch needle features such as self inductance, high CCC, low contact resistance, S-parameters must be considered in the entire probing path. 
For pursuing best power integrity & signal integrity over the interface transmission line, an optimized-PI ST having low Zp and an efficient RF broadband matching technology without instrument was presented for sub-6GHz communication standard. The best solution is available while performing the T5 RF matching. Such RF matching technique can not only shorten matching time due to its wider bandwidth but also bring good linearity. Furthermore, it remains invariant to the soldering and larger tolerance of passive components. 
Consequently, the high-GHz solution for advanced probe card can provide best test performance and shorten its manipulation.
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