Dr. Tsung-Tsong Wu

Minister without Portfolio
Executive Yuan, R.O.C.
  • MBA/ Bachelor in Computer Science
2016 – Present: Minister without Portfolio, Executive yuan
2012-2016: Convener, Science & Technology Group, New Frontier Think Tank
2006-2008: Deputy Minister, NSC
2006-2008: President, Chinese Society of Mechanics, ROC (Taiwan)
2006 - : Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineering, USA
2006 - : Distinguished Professor, IAM, NTU
2004 - 2005: Deputy Executive Secretary, Science and Technology Advisory Group, Executive Yuan
    Speaker Bio:
    Dr. Tsung-Tsong Wu obtained his bachelor's degree in civil engineering from National Taiwan University in 1977, and master's and doctoral degrees in theoretical and applied mechanics from Cornell University in the United States
    Dr. Wu is responsible for technological development policies, and also supervises and coordinates Taiwan’s Biomedical Industry Innovation Program.
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