Dr. Steve Mayer​

Corporate Fellow
Lam Research Corporation

Education: ​

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from University of California (Berkeley)​


  • Principle engineer for the Novellus SabreTM Copper-Damascene interconnect electroplating tools line​

  • Prolific inventor, listed as author in over 170 US patents​


Dr. Mayer received his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of New York (Buffalo), graduating first in his class.  He continued his education at the University of California (Berkeley), where he was awarded a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering studying electrochemical interfaces using several in-situ optical spectroscopy techniques. In his early career he worked on various projects under the Strategic Defense Initiative (“Star Wars”) Defense Advanced Research Projects at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, including pioneering work on carbon aerogel based multi-hundred farad double layer capacitors, lithium-ion batteries, and dual damascene copper metallization. He commercialized the power storage inventions in 1993, founding Polystor (the first US lithium-ion battery manufacturer) and PowerStor Corporations, (now part of Bussman/Eaton).  Steve has worked in the semiconductor equipment manufacturing-business for the last 22 years, specializing in product and process development of electrochemical systems.  He was the principle engineer for the Novellus SabreTM Copper-Damascene interconnect electroplating tools line, successfully designing and guiding that businesses from conception to productization and through multiple nodes, transitions and inflections. He currently serves as Managing Director and Corporate Fellow of New Product Development at Lam Research in a variety of technical and business supporting rolls, including the Sabre-3D product line, a tool serving the rapidly growing 3D Packaging, Microbump and TSV interconnect markets. Dr. Mayer is a prolific inventor, listed as author in over 170 US patents.

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